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    Why I Wrote the ONE-TWO PUNCH!

    Finally!!! My first book, ONE-TWO PUNCHTM (OTP), has been released! I won’t lie, it was a process that took much longer than expected. The road to get the book where it is today was very long. It was important for me to write the ONE-TWO PUNCHTM because I’ve seen how the OTP plan has helped countless of my clients in my more than 20 years working with people on their nutrition. I’ve worked hard to help clients understand their bodies and their behaviors around food, particularly the sensations of hunger and fullness. It’s a difficult skill to teach with many abstract components. One-Two PunchTM was initially a metaphor created for clients…

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    It Takes A Village – Featuring Stephanie Webb

    If you’ve been following along or visited our site, you know that ALL OF NUTRITION is about helping you have it ALL! We want you to find peace with food and victory over your conflicts and struggles with food and your body. We want you to feel strong, capable and beautiful. Sometimes, “it takes a village” to achieve everything you’d like to, and sometimes it takes lots of ideas from numerous sources to help you feel your best.  We’re introducing a new feature on our blog, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE.” You’ll hear from talented folks giving you MORE ideas to help you have it ALL. Our first post in this…

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    Energy Bars?

    By Claudia Wilson It’s always helpful to have a fairly non-perishable, pre-packaged snack on hand. Especially one that fits nicely in THEONE-TWO PUNCH. The term “energy bar” makes me laugh a little. Technically, all food gives us energy (calories). With food manufacturing and technology at an all time high, lots of grab-n-go foods get put in this category. However, when I think of an energy bar, I think of something that is balanced. And that means it contains protein, as well as some fat. I think of protein bars. I get asked a lot about protein bars and how they fit in OTP. As with food choices, I recommend you…

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    In Real Life

    By Claudia Wilson No two people are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time every day.  No way. Even identical twins, with the same DNA, will have different physical needs every day. So why do we adopt meal plans or diets meant for masses of people? It’s not realistic that one plan will work for everyone. There are SO many differences!!! Not only do we have different bodies, but we have different preferences. Thank goodness, right? I can’t stand some food items that other people find amazing! And then we all have different skill sets. Some of us cook; others of us are challenged by boiling water (without…

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    3 Steps to Starting The ONE-TWO PUNCH

    You’re probably wondering what all this talk of THE ONE-TWO PUNCH is about. Maybe you’ve seen it on Instagram or Facebook and you’re a little confused on where to start. We get it. The essentials of THE ONE-TWO PUNCH include three simple things: BURN, BALANCE and BECOME. If you want to get started with THEONE-TWO PUNCH, follow the steps in BURN, BALANCE and BECOME. BURN The first, and most crucial part, of THE ONE-TWO PUNCH is BURN; eating when you are hungry. Think of your stomach as an incinerator. When the incinerator door is open (when you’re hungry), your body will BURN and use anything you put in it. When you…

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    Breakfast is Served!

    By Claudia Wilson The definition of breakfast is that it’s the first meal of the day. Because of that, it’s most often eaten in the early morning, before beginning the day’s activities.  The word literally means breaking the fast from the previous night. Some people say it should be when you first awake; others say it should be within an hour of waking. In THEONE-TWO PUNCH, there’s no exact time breakfast should be eaten. When is the best time to eat breakfast in OTP? It’s when you are most likely to BURN it – so, it should be eaten the first time you feel hungry after waking up. For some, that is when…

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    By Claudia Wilson Many of you may be wondering how alcohol fits within THE ONE-TWO PUNCH. Of course it fits. One of the primary reasons for creating OTP is to provide structure and balance, while still allowing you to eat your favorite foods. For some people, that’s alcohol! Technically, alcohol is a different nutrient than carbohydrate, protein or fat. For the purposes of OTP, a serving of alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey, liqueur) is considered a carbohydrate. By this I mean, if you want alcohol, consider a serving as your fist of carbohydrate and balance it with a fist of protein. Having a beer with a burger might not be a…

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    Milking It

    By Claudia Wilson So many “milks”!!! It used to be that when someone said milk, everyone new they were talking about cow milk – that’s all there was.  Now, there’s rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, flaxseed milk, coconut milk, soy milk, goat milk, oat milk, and more. And within each of these types there are subtypes – sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla flavored, non-fat, reduced-fat and full-fat.  So many choices!!! I’m going to use cow milk as an example for starters and explain how it fits into THE ONE-TWO PUNCH. Yes, a cup of cow milk has 8 grams of protein (about the same as a cheese stick), but it also has…

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    My visit to Hell. And no, I won’t be returning.

    By Marysa Cardwell If ya’ll didn’t know already, Claudia and I are REAL people. We have struggles and we make mistakes, just like all of you. I feel like I can relate to so many of you with your struggles with eating. I really do. Ever since I could remember, I have been ashamed of my body. I think I officially started dieting in 7th grade. Not knowing, as I know now, that diets do not work, I started a never ending struggle with dieting. It created an awful relationship with food and myself. The exact causes of eating disorders are not known. Often times, a person has a genetic…

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