By Claudia Wilson

Many of you may be wondering how alcohol fits within THE ONE-TWO PUNCH. Of course it fits. One of the primary reasons for creating OTP is to provide structure and balance, while still allowing you to eat your favorite foods. For some people, that’s alcohol! Technically, alcohol is a different nutrient than carbohydrate, protein or fat. For the purposes of OTP, a serving of alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey, liqueur) is considered a carbohydrate.

By this I mean, if you want alcohol, consider a serving as your fist of carbohydrate and balance it with a fist of protein. Having a beer with a burger might not be a big deal (you’re getting some protein in the beef patty), but if you are trying to lose weight by following OTP, you’ll want to keep your carbs in check and choose the carbs that you love most.


Here are some examples of balanced meals to include alcohol:

  • Lettuce-wrapped burger with a beer
  • Steak and sautéed veggies with a glass of wine
  • Nuts with a mixed drink
  • Cheese and wine

You get the idea – there are endless possibilities. If you have questions about how to best incorporate alcohol into OTP for yourself or have favorite pairings you’d like to share, please comment! Boomdiada!!!