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In Real Life

By Claudia Wilson

No two people are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time every day.  No way. Even identical twins, with the same DNA, will have different physical needs every day. So why do we adopt meal plans or diets meant for masses of people? It’s not realistic that one plan will work for everyone.

There are SO many differences!!! Not only do we have different bodies, but we have different preferences. Thank goodness, right? I can’t stand some food items that other people find amazing! And then we all have different skill sets. Some of us cook; others of us are challenged by boiling water (without it spilling over). Some of us travel regularly for work and have limited options at hotels, airports, and restaurants. Some of us mostly eat at home and might even raise, grow and cook our own food.

And we’re all motivated by different things in every area of our life.  Regarding nutrition, some of us might be motivated by how we look or feel. Some might be motivated by a recent health scare or genetics that set us up with a greater potential for disease. Some of us are motivated by concern for the environment and the process of how foods are grown and distributed. And the list goes on!

My point is two-fold. One, everyone is completely different for a wide variety of reasons. Two, you get to decide what works best for you, based on these differences and your preferences.  THEONE-TWO PUNCH works well in every situation. You can make it work for you – eat meat, be vegan, eat Paleo, follow Whole30, eat clean, rely on fast food. It doesn’t matter! What matters is making it work for you.

No matter what you like to eat, no matter what your skill set or motivation, there’s value in eating when you get hungry, balancing your protein and carbohydrate, and being your best self within the allowances and limitations of your life. OTP is adaptable to any needs, while still providing structure and balance.

Regardless of your circumstances, you CAN be healthy and balanced and THEONE-TWO PUNCH can help you do that. Follow along or make an appointment (virtually or in person) to fit OTP to YOUR life.