Marysa Cardwell

Marysa is the owner of ALL OF NUTRITION. She was finishing her psychology degree and working at a psychiatric hospital when she realized what was missing for most patients - good nutrition, sleep, and exercise. She decided to change course and pursue her graduate degree in nutrition to work further in the field of eating disorders and behavioral health nutrition. Helping people have a healthier relationship with food has been her dream since battling with an eating disorder herself. She loves talking with people and helping them achieve their goals.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, she works with clients and organizations on a variety of nutrition topics including eating disorders, intuitive eating, weight management, diabetes, food allergies, healthy eating, meal planning, and other nutrition topics. She LOVES being an “Eating Coach” (or eating cheerleader).

Balance is important to Marysa. In order for real changes to be made, they have to be reasonable and doable for the long-run. Marysa loves to work with clients to find practical, long-term solutions for health and wellness. Your goals are her goals. She will do everything she can to help you succeed! As a mother of two young children herself, she lives in the real world and understands the many roadblocks that people face in being their healthiest self. Marysa received her undergraduate degree from the University of Utah in Behavioral Psychology. Afterward, she received her Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and completed her dietetic training at the University of Alabama. Both degrees were focused on health behaviors as well as the treatment of eating disorders. Marysa has many years of experience working with behavioral health clients and has a passion for helping those with eating disorders heal. She is both a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT from the American College of Sports Medicine). She is licensed to practice in the State of Utah. She has more than ten years of experience in coaching people to meet their health and fitness goals and has worked with hundreds of adults and children.

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I've been training with Marysa for a few months now and love both the experience and the results. She is extremely knowledgeable and creative in coming up with different ways to work muscle groups, and the sessions are never boring. She is very aware of my abilities and limitations, and responsive to what is going on with my state of health. Marysa is a gentle motivator, and practices what she teaches. She also has a great awareness of how exercise and conditioning is a key part of overall wellness, but not the only component. I highly recommend her, particularly if you have been inactive for awhile and want to ease back into a progressive regular exercise regime.

Lisa Williams

My diet has typically been on the healthier side though pretty boring. I like to cook food up for my work week so I end up eating the same meals day to day. Come the weekend I allow myself more freedom and variety. A few months ago I suddenly wasn’t enjoying eating meat like I used to so I began trying to cook more vegetarian meals. Veggies had not been a staple of my diet so I quickly felt overwhelmed with all the vegetarian options and got way off track to the point that nothing sounded appetizing. That’s when I found All of Nutrition and made an appointment to see Marysa.

One of the first things she asked was to describe how I feel when I’m hungry. It’s funny because I never tried putting that feeling into words and was a little embarrassed attempting to do so. 😬 That opened the conversation up to other things I hadn’t given much thought to, such as mindful eating.

By the end of my visit Marysa had put together a game plan involving tracking my food, aiming for specific macros, how to introduce new recipes into my routine, etc. Cut to now, just a few weeks later, and I’ve significantly reduced my late night snacking which has helped my sleep. I’m more comfortable trying out new recipes, found a few staples which help expedite the cooking process and I know if I find myself in a diet rut again I can make an appointment and get all the information and motivation I need.

Thanks so much Marysa!

Patricia Jones

The hardest part of dieting for me has been consistency and practical approach. With all the fad and crash diets that exist on the internet and social media today, it's difficult to find a reasonable and sustainable diet that is healthy in the long term. After my consultation with Marysa, I feel I am finally on the right track to my ideal dieting goals and have experienced great improvement in my health.

I was recently diagnosed with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease which meant major changes for my diet. After looking online for help I was able to find resources to show me "what" to eat but not "how" to eat. Marysa was able to not only show me how to modify my diet to meet my health goals, but how to do it in a fun and easy way. She took an existing very restrictive diet "the NASH diet" and made it approachable. Marysa then gave me several examples of how to create a balanced diet for the long term using the "The Plate" method. Since my consult two months ago, I have lost 19 pounds, greatly decreased my abdominal fat and feel better than ever. The best part of my experience was feeling that my opinions and habits were heard and adapted to my dieting goals. Thanks Marysa!

I would highly recommend the professional and practical services offered by All of Nutrition to anyone looking to make a healthy change to their dietary habits.

Margaret Anderson

Marysa is an amazing nutritionist and more so just an amazing human being! She has guided me in trying to find a healthy balance in my diet and my life in general. She is so supportive, but pushes me when I need it. I can't speak highly enough of her and how grateful I am that she has been so gracious in helping me along my journey.

Donna Jackson

If I could give Marysa 10 stars I would! I struggled with a negative relationship with food for many years. It became so hard to know which “voice” to listen to with so many diets and so much information available these days. Marysa has become my voice of reason. Working with Marysa has been more than just about losing weight - it has changed my whole relationship with food and I’m so lucky I found her! 

Helen Robinson

Marysa is a fabulous nutritionist. She’s an amazing listener and really helped me improve my eating habits. The best part? There’s absolutely zero judgement. Marysa really gets how hard it can be to eat healthy when you’re busy.

Sarah Moore

Marysa was so helpful and accommodating for visits during my wife and my busy work schedule. I had lost a significant amount of weight and was over training quite a bit. I developed a phobia of certain foods and really was not sure how to overcome this. After doing some research I reached out to Marysa and she was so quick to get back to me and eager to help. She met my wife and I on a Friday night at our apartment for a one-on-one initial consultation that made me feel much more comfortable discussing how I was feeling. After our initial consultation I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders as she worked with me one on one over the next several months not only developing healthy eating habits but discussing the root causes of my phobia of certain foods and certain challenges to overcome these obstacles in a slow and comfortable manner. I never felt pressured and forced into anything I wasn't willing to try. She really is an expert in not only nutrition but the psychology behind food and behaviors! I am happy to report I am up 25 pounds of healthy weight since starting my consultations with Marysa but most importantly, I have found my passion again for cooking fun and different foods in the kitchen! Thank you so much for everything Marysa!

Drew Harris

I found All of Nutrition online by chance and am very happy I did. Marysa was not only extremely qualified but also extremely supportive and friendly. I had long felt intimidated by macros and other diets and felt that eating healthy was out of my reach because I didn’t have the experience or the real desire to jump on a fad-wagon. After my first meeting with Marysa I knew that losing weight by eating better was attainable and that it wouldn’t be painful. I didn’t have to completely alter my lifestyle, I never felt like I was starving myself, and I could still drink Diet Coke! I reached my goal weight with her help and I feel stronger than I have in years. Thank you, Marysa!

Erin Beesley