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H2O Habit

By Claudia Wilson

Let’s get right to the point – how much water should you drink? Here it is:

Divide your weight (lbs) in half. Those are the ounces of water you need per day to keep you well hydrated. For every hour of exercise, add 16 ounces. For example:

Weight = 150 lbs ÷ 2 = 75oz water per day
+16oz water for an hour of walking
=91oz water per day

These are my recommendations; that’s your baseline. For some of you it means significantly increasing your water intake. I’m aware that it also means you are significantly increasing the number of times you’re visiting the restroom. Well, would you rather hang on to those pounds that you don’t like or visit the restroom a little more often? Or, would you rather keep believing you’re hungry (when you’re really thirsty) and feel like you’re missing out or visit the restroom a little more often? For many, peeing more often is a small price to pay to get the benefits of drinking adequate water.

I recommend you don’t count soda, coffee, tea, milk, juice, sports drinks and other beverages towards your total intake of water. My experience is that people do better with a baseline of hydration, while treating other drinks as icing on the cake, or your hydration tank cake (too much?). If you hate water, you can add non-caloric flavoring to help you out.

  • In the moment you realize you need water instead food, you decrease calories by not having the food you might have eaten, thereby leading to more weight loss.
  • In your gut, water helps dissolve fats and soluble fiber. Adequate water helps you poop (yes, I just said that) and prevents constipation. If you are regular, you feel better – you’ve seen the happy, regular people on commercials. That happiness is a real thing from pooping.
  • Water helps us feel refreshed to the point of improving our mood. If you feel better you have a brighter outlook and an increased ability to keep hydrating and keep following THE ONE-TWO PUNCH.
  • Water (staying hydrated) helps prevent headaches. Who cares what the hell they’re eating or how much when they have a headache??? Many headaches are brought on by mild dehydration; easily solvable within 30 minutes of drinking 2 cups of water.
  • Adequate water intake helps energize us and make us more alert – more energy, more focus equals increased productivity for whatever you are trying to accomplish.
  • If your body is not in pain you’re going to feel better about moving. Water keeps our joints lubricated and makes movement easier.

Happy peeing!!! You’re welcome.