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    Energy Bars?

    By Claudia Wilson It’s always helpful to have a fairly non-perishable, pre-packaged snack on hand. Especially one that fits nicely in THEONE-TWO PUNCH. The term “energy bar” makes me laugh a little. Technically, all food gives us energy (calories). With food manufacturing and technology at an all time high, lots of grab-n-go foods get put in this category. However, when I think of an energy bar, I think of something that is balanced. And that means it contains protein, as well as some fat. I think of protein bars. I get asked a lot about protein bars and how they fit in OTP. As with food choices, I recommend you…

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    That’s NUTS!

    By Claudia Wilson I’ve been putting off tackling this topic for a while…it’s kind of controversial and leads to a lot of the following after I explain my opinion, “But…” “Really?” “Are you serious?” Hear me out… Nuts are considered by some nutritionists to be fats.  That makes sense as most of the calories in nuts come from fat, roughly 80 percent. But they also contain about 14 percent protein and 6 percent carbohydrate. A standard serving of nuts contains about as much protein as one egg, one ounce of meat, or a cheese stick. In THE ONE-TWO PUNCH, nuts are considered a PROTEIN.  For most people, a fist of nuts is…

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    Beans, beans, …. you know the rest!

    By Claudia Wilson In THE ONE-TWO PUNCH, there are foods designated as protein, carbohydrate, and fat.  If you are a client in our office, we give you a handout outlining the various categories and the foods in each.  Not every food fits neatly into a category.  Some foods contain a mixture of nutrients.  Such is the case with legumes.  These are considered a MIXED food in THE ONE-TWO PUNCH because they contain a mixture of both carbohydrate and protein. For example, a half cup of black beans contains 7-8 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbohydrate.  So lopsided a bit towards carbs.  And while they contain about 15 grams fiber that contribute to fullness, they don’t…