Breakfast is Served!

By Claudia Wilson

The definition of breakfast is that it’s the first meal of the day. Because of that, it’s most often eaten in the early morning, before beginning the day’s activities.  The word literally means breaking the fast from the previous night. Some people say it should be when you first awake; others say it should be within an hour of waking. In THEONE-TWO PUNCH, there’s no exact time breakfast should be eaten.

When is the best time to eat breakfast in OTP? It’s when you are most likely to BURN it – so, it should be eaten the first time you feel hungry after waking up. For some, that is when they get out of bed. For other’s it’s within that first hour of waking. But, for others, it can be a few hours after you became vertical. It’s whenever you get hungry after waking. It might be before you leave your house or it might be after you get to your office.  AND, it might be different every day! There are some generalities and patterns people tend to fall into, but it’s the first time you get hungry in the day.

And what should breakfast be? ANY protein/carbohydrate combination that sounds good to you! It can be savory like eggs + toast or sweet like yogurt + nuts. It can be anything that sounds appealing to you, that balances your protein and carbohydrate, but have a fist-size portion of protein and a fist-size portion of carbohydrate. My all-time favorite breakfast combo is still peanut butter and an apple.  It’s kind of savory and sweet, and the fat in the nut butter keeps me full for hours.