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    When Eating Turns Into Regret

     By Claudia Wilson There are lots of reasons a binge happens.  The point I want to make is there is ALWAYS a reason and sometimes many. Always. I know this is really strong language, backed by a very strong opinion about this behavior.  Sure, lots of us overeat and the reason might be fairly superficial – it tasted good so we kept eating because we wanted the taste to continue, we accidentally went past the point of fullness before we realized it, we got caught up in the activity and stopped paying attention. It happens to all of us. The bingeing I’m talking about is getting overly full; significantly, painfully…

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    Hunger vs Appetite

    By Claudia Wilson It can be really difficult to figure out true physical hunger. Sometimes we want something so bad, it starts to feel like a need; it morphs into a need. This is often how I feel with clothes. TBH, I really don’t need another article of clothing. Truly. But then my mind is flooded with all the perks of a certain something and before I know it, the shoes in question have gone from “oooh, those are cute” to “OH! I think those could be really useful; after all they’re a different shade of black, have a different heel, different fabric and a different attitude (yes, I just…

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    7 Secrets of Thinness

    By Claudia Wilson Before anyone comes unglued, I’m not preaching a bias towards being thin.  But a title such as, “Secrets of The Appropriate Weight for Height” just doesn’t have the same allure.  Nor does, “Secrets of The Reasonably Healthy, Fit, and Just Right Weight”. Okay, so just hear me out.  I’m talking about the habits of people who don’t seem to go up and down and weight continually and they manage to keep their weight within a healthy range (and a range that they’re comfortable with) for a long period of time.  They also don’t seem super preoccupied or stressed about it; HINT, HINT.  Here’s the do’s and don’ts…

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    H2O Habit

    By Claudia Wilson Let’s get right to the point – how much water should you drink? Here it is: Divide your weight (lbs) in half. Those are the ounces of water you need per day to keep you well hydrated. For every hour of exercise, add 16 ounces. For example: Weight = 150 lbs ÷ 2 = 75oz water per day +16oz water for an hour of walking =91oz water per day These are my recommendations; that’s your baseline. For some of you it means significantly increasing your water intake. I’m aware that it also means you are significantly increasing the number of times you’re visiting the restroom. Well, would…

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    Full Confession

    By Claudia Wilson Full Confession… I don’t like salmon.  There, I’ve said it.  It’s out of the way and we can move on, maybe.  Maybe you’ve decided that in spite of my knowledge, experience and the ridiculous initials after my name, that I might not have anything to offer you. Because I don’t like salmon? If you’re still reading, I have more to confess.  I don’t like dark chocolate.  I know, I know.  Oh, wait, you have a dark chocolate brand that I would really like?  You think tha  t I just haven’t had the “right” dark chocolate, otherwise I would enjoy it?  Ya, ya, I’ve heard it all. Believe me, I’m…

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    Tired of tracking, measuring, counting to get desired results?

    By Claudia Wilson How many diets have you tried?  How many diets haven’t you tried? All the plans out there promising the body you want, the energy you want, the promise that you’ll feel better if you just follow this ______.  How long do they last?  How do you feel while you’re doing them?  Most often I hear anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. When I ask why the person stopped, most say they just couldn’t take it anymore; it took too much time and was making them more stressed – certainly not a feeling of health, even if it did bring a temporary desired effect.  In addition they…

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