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Full Confession

By Claudia Wilson

Full Confession…

I don’t like salmon.  There, I’ve said it.  It’s out of the way and we can move on, maybe.  Maybe you’ve decided that in spite of my knowledge, experience and the ridiculous initials after my name, that I might not have anything to offer you. Because I don’t like salmon?

If you’re still reading, I have more to confess.  I don’t like dark chocolate.  I know, I know.  Oh, wait, you have a dark chocolate brand that I would really like?  You think tha  t I just haven’t had the “right” dark chocolate, otherwise I would enjoy it?  Ya, ya, I’ve heard it all.

Believe me, I’m fully aware of the health benefits of salmon AND dark chocolate.  In spite of my knowledge base I’m still just a human with individual tastes and preferences.  And so are YOU!

People assume because of my career choice that I’m also the “food police” – the person who judges others food choices (think behaviors) and considers them good or bad.  Really?  So following this logic I’m bad because I don’t like “good”, “healthy” salmon?  That’s kind of what people are saying when they apologize to me about eating ­­___________.  I like to call this, “Forgive me nutritionist, for I have sinned”.  It’s hysterical, right?

And, while I’m on a roll, I like Diet Coke.  Okay, now someone of you might stop reading.

Here’s the thing, the food you eat (particularly only one food at one point in time) doesn’t automatically deem you as healthy or unhealthy.  Sure, salmon and dark chocolate have some healthy properties, but that doesn’t mean I’m UNhealthy because I don’t eat those things. I actually think I’m really healthy.  I do lots of other things that promote a healthy lifestyle and I eat lots of things that are over-the-top healthy.  If I only chose good, healthy foods all day, every day (so included the salmon, dark chocolate and cut out the Diet Coke), does that make me a better person?  You’ve all heard, “I was so bad today, I had a hot-fudge sundae – what a guilty pleasure”.  How does a particular food make us good or bad?  Hint:  It doesn’t!!!

Health is not found in one particular food.  It’s the combination of all the things we eat over a period of time that determine health.  Health is also how we’re experiencing things in our body, how happy and content we feel.  If we’re stressed, anxious and angry about the foods we think have to eat (that we totally don’t like), that IS NOT healthy!!!

I challenge you to ditch the food police in your own head.  Clearly, if I’m making public confessions on the internet, I’m probably not judging myself.  The next time you eat, ask yourself why you chose a particular food – because you like it and enjoy it or because you were told it was good for you in some way.  All the health benefits of salmon don’t make it taste better to me.  So there.  It’s possible to eat what you love and be healthy.  THE ONE-TWO PUNCH allows that – never eat something you don’t like.  Period.