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OTP: What it IS, What it ISN’T.

By Claudia Wilson

THE ONE-TWO PUNCH (OTP) can, at first glance, be considered a form of portion control. By visualizing your fist for the amount of protein and amount of carbohydrate you have you are essentially measuring, but I like to call it guesstimating, eyeballing, sizing up, so to speak.

Practicing OTP will likely increase the amount of protein you are eating. And it will likely decrease the amount of carbohydrate you are eating. It’s supposed to do that. It’s intentional. And it will more than likely increase the amount of fat you are eating. Intentional again. And, yes, I STRONGLY believe that OTP could also be called HOW TO EAT or depending on your mood (or mine), HOW TO F***ING EAT! Another alternate title: Eat SH*T and Still Lose Weight.

Yes, just about everyone in the world wants to be able to eat WHATEVER they want, WHENEVER they want, AS MUCH AS they want without any consequences – no weight gain, no disease, not feeling gross. Just loveliness. The majority of people cannot. I created OTP to simplify eating, to take the stress out of it and bring enjoyment back. All while helping people also achieve health and reach a weight they are comfortable with.

I understand it turns SO many things upside down. That much protein? That much fat? You need OTP to shift your brain and body 180 degrees. What you’ve been trying for so long isn’t working. Or it worked but you couldn’t sustain it. Eventually, you stop. Life gets in the way. Listen to that statement; what??? Aren’t we supposed to be living our life? I think that statement is so funny.

OTP allows you to live your life. And eat the foods you love, the foods your family and friends are eating. But it does require effort. Effort to learn and pay attention to your hunger (and emotional) cues. Effort to make choices:

“Do I want the bread as my carb?”

“The dessert?”

“Or would I rather enjoy a glass of wine with dinner as my carb”

BURN: Respond when your body is hungry. For some the difficulty in practicing OTP is understanding your hunger and all the feelings you might recognize for the first time are NOT actually hunger. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! All this time I wasn’t hungry I was anxious???? Hopefully you find joy in that realization as well, but it can be terrifying to sit with some of those feelings for the first time without eating.

BALANCE: Combine protein and carbohydrates. The beauty of OTP is the choices. Choices for days!!! And in the big picture of reducing your carbs, increasing your protein and increasing your fat intake, don’t stress about those choices; totally defeats the purpose of OTP and increases your potential to gain fat!!! Yes, the fist of carb could be a peach, a piece of wheat bread or a brownie, but do we want it to be a brownie every single time, every single day? No. Balance means for the most part you are choosing lots of veggies, fruits as your carb, and whole, unprocessed foods. But you may choose to have “junk food” when it sounds good to you.

BECOME: Practice the process. Practice responding to your hunger. Practice sitting with feelings that are not hunger. Practice making different choices and determining how you feel. Practice trust. Practice forgiveness. Practice patience. Practice and then practice some more to become the YOU you’ve always wanted to be!!!