The Knockout Method

Tired of tracking, measuring, counting to get desired results?

By Claudia Wilson

How many diets have you tried?  How many diets haven’t you tried? All the plans out there promising the body you want, the energy you want, the promise that you’ll feel better if you just follow this ______.  How long do they last?  How do you feel while you’re doing them?  Most often I hear anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

When I ask why the person stopped, most say they just couldn’t take it anymore; it took too much time and was making them more stressed – certainly not a feeling of health, even if it did bring a temporary desired effect.  In addition they felt deprived, which is another way of saying super duper bummed out about missing really delicious food.

Having it all means getting the body and health you want WITHOUT having to do all the tedious and time consuming things to get results.  It means no tracking, measuring, counting.  It means following a simple (yet not always easy) formula that you can do anywhere, any time, at any age, that’s also sustainable.  Like one client said to me, “I can do Weight Watchers for now, but does that mean I’ll still be doing Weight Watchers when I’m 80 years old and all the years in between to get the body I want?”  That thought alone can feel defeating and certainly not fun.

The Knockout Method is a way to have what you want, have it all, without following a diet or tracking, measuring, counting.  THE ONE-TWO PUNCH is doable, sustainable and flexible.  Details coming soon in the next post.  Stay tuned!


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