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That’s NUTS!

By Claudia Wilson

I’ve been putting off tackling this topic for a while…it’s kind of controversial and leads to a lot of the following after I explain my opinion,



“Are you serious?”

Hear me out…

Nuts are considered by some nutritionists to be fats.  That makes sense as most of the calories in nuts come from fat, roughly 80 percent. But they also contain about 14 percent protein and 6 percent carbohydrate. A standard serving of nuts contains about as much protein as one egg, one ounce of meat, or a cheese stick.

In THE ONE-TWO PUNCH, nuts are considered a PROTEIN.  For most people, a fist of nuts is roughly two servings meaning you are getting the protein equivalent of two eggs, 2 ounces of meat, or two cheese sticks.

I can hear the roar of your protests as I’m writing.  Let’s keep going… I know that’s a lot of calories and a lot of fat. I know.  But if you’re following the first foundational principle of OTP and eating when you’re hungry, the fat in the nuts or nut butter is going to keep you full for a very long time.  The protein in nuts and nut butters is VERY anchored down with the amount of fat within; more anchored than a grilled chicken breast that has lots of protein but no fat for staying power.

Remember too that we’re treating fat as a condiment that will add to your feelings of satisfaction.  If you’re using the fist as your parameter, you can keep the fat intake in check. Yes, nuts are super tasty, and it would be easy to go overboard and eat a container of cashews.  But you’re using your fist as your portion guide.  Boomdiada!!!