All of Nutrition

Let’s Start with the Olive

By Claudia Wilson

Why The Olive Logo? Besides the clever play on words (say it: OLIVE, ALL OF…), the olive branch has long been held as a sign of peace or victory. I am passionate about helping individuals find peace with food and victory over their conflicts and struggles with food and their bodies. I wholeheartedly believe it’s possible to truly enjoy food, not restrict or deny , and find comfort and satisfaction (even enjoyment) in the way our bodies look and move.

In addition, olive oil offers a delicious, satiating and healthy type of fat to almost anything — salads, salad dressings, vegetables, grilled foods, breads, and sauces. Have you ever tasted straight extra virgin olive oil, with a golden hue? It’s a strong taste. And, it’s a beautiful picture.

The same way every human deserves to feel in their bodies and in their relationship with food; STRONG and BEAUTIFUL. Why not the olive?