You won’t want to miss out on the One-Two Punch. It will become your go-to guide on when to eat, what to eat, and how to keep going. The One-Two Punch is a simple way to eat that gives you freedom to eat what you want within the parameters of your hunger.

Claudia Wilson walks readers through three important steps in the One-Two Punch method. Those steps – Burn, Balance & Become – create an easy to understand and even easier to maintain plan for your nutrition needs.

I’m not counting calories anymore, but instead listening to my body and trying to eat when I’m hungry. Big payoff for me was having my sisters notice the weight gone; jowl area and stomach are slimming down. I’ve lost 11-12 pounds in a month eating regular food that I wanted, without too much activity either.- Brad
Even when I discovered I was lactose intolerant and had to remove dairy from my diet, I continued to follow ONE-TWO PUNCH, along with my fitness routine. I’ve lost 20 pounds, returning to my high school/college weight!- Abby
This is something easy to do. I want to be the poster boy for ONE-TWO PUNCH. I’ve had huge success after so many failures with other diets. I love that it is so sustainable.- Greg