How to check if my insurance covers visits?

Marysa is covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, PEHP, Cigna, United Healthcare, and the University of Utah insurances as a paneled provider. Lolly is now on all of the insurances. Claudia is self-pay only. This gives her maximum flexibility when working with her clients. Often, when you call your insurance they will tell you that we are covered but will not tell you how much is covered. Asking the right questions to your insurance company will ensure that you don’t get any surprises.

If you are planning to utilize insurance, please refer to the information below to ensure you have coverage for registered dietitian visits. Our being in-network with your insurance carrier does not guarantee that your specific plan covers our visit. I suggest calling your member number (typically located on the back of your insurance card) and asking specifically about:

  1. Do you have coverage for medical nutrition therapy (billed as CPT 97802 [initial visit] or 97803 [follow up]) with Marysa or Lolly? If you do not have coverage, please ask if you have any out of network benefits.
  2. What specific diagnoses are covered (ask for specific ICD-10 codes [weight loss, diabetes, etc. all have different codes])? Your diagnosis may vary but for general wellness visits I use the diagnosis code Z71.3. Also, some insurance providers do not cover diagnosis codes for eating disorders. Please ask your insurance if preventive services such as screenings or nutrition counseling for obesity, diabetes, or heart diseases is covered. These services are often covered at 100% by insurance.
  3. Do you need a physician referral for insurance to cover your visit? If the answer is yes, please reach out to your doctor to send a referral to us. They can fax it to 833-296-7437.
  4. Do you have a co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible to meet?
  5. How many hours of nutrition counseling sessions do you qualify for? Please ask your insurance for the specific benefit terms. Some insurances cap coverage. It is always helpful to know your coverage before starting.
  6. If you are wanting to meet via telehealth, please ask your insurance if they cover telehealth services.

Once you have this information, please contact me to schedule. If you do not have coverage, I have self-pay options including package deals that save 15-20% . If you do have coverage, I will take care of all of the billing. I appreciate you taking the time to determine your coverage. This will save us both a lot of time and should keep you from getting any surprise bills. If you need further help determining your coverage, let me know!


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